The shoulder is made up of 2 bones: the humerus and scapula, but has the clavicle in the area assisting as a muscle attachment site and helps with motion. The ball and socket configuration of the shoulder makes this a very unstable joint that needs support from the surrounding muscles, such as the rotator cuff to provide both mobility and stability to the joint. Due to the instability of the joint, issues like improper body mechanics, poor posture, repetitive activities and malalignment of the joint can lead to common injuries, like rotator cuff syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis, muscle tears and bone spurs.

Common symptoms and complaints:
– Difficulty sleeping
– Pain with prolong positions
– Limited range of motions
– Cracking and Popping
– Swelling
– Muscle Spasms
– Numbness and tingling into the hands and fingers
– Pain radiating into lower arm, neck and shoulders

– Posture correction
– Stretching
– Strength Training
– Laser
– Massage
– Manipulation