ASTYM is a physical therapy treatment that is used to aid the body’s natural healing process in two ways. ASTYM stimulates the growth of healthy soft tissue, such as muscles and tendons, while helping to break down scar tissue which may be causing pain or decreasing the patient’s motion. ASTYM is used in conjuction with other physical therapist prescribed exercises and stretches to retrain the soft tissue of the effected area. It can be used from head to toe on both large and small surface areas making it a highly versatile and effective physical therapy treatment.


Quick Facts about ASTYM:

  • Promotes growth of healthy soft tissue (muscles, tendons, etc.)
  • Helps to decrease or eliminate scar tissue which may be hindering movement and causing pain
  • Used with other physical therapy exercises and stretching to retrain soft tissue
  • Has a wide variety of applications and can be used from head to toe


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