McKenzie Spine

The McKenzie Spine Method focuses on centralizing pain to one spot in the spine where it can more easily be decreased or eliminated. For some patients experiencing pain into their extremities (arms and legs) the cause of the pain is actually originating in the spine and radiating out or down. Some of the symptoms that are alleviated and eliminated with the McKenzie Method are numbness and tingling in the extremities or pain and discomfort in the spine that spreads to the arms and legs.The goal of the McKenzie Method is to bring the pain out of the arms or legs back into the spine -where the pain originates- through a series of therapist led stretches and exercises.


Common symptoms and complaints:

  • Numbness, tingling, or pain into the arms or legs
  • Back or neck pain and discomfort, especially that spread into extremities
  • Pain and discomfort from a misplaced or herniated disc


Treatment to include:

  • Thorough assessment of motion and causes of pain
  • Stretches and exercises to centralize pain to one point in spine
  • Therapy treatment to decrease and eliminate spine pain